To insure that our students have a practical and artistic qualification in theater, movie and television, the institution offers:

Arts Laboratory: located in the neighborhood of Itaim Bibi, the laboratories are equipped with moving bleachers and multimedia resources. Sound devices and light design compose presentations of creative processes, seminars, events and experimental work of students.

Studio for Screen-Acting Classes: with acoustic isolation and audiovisual equipment for recordings and exercises that provide the student an experience at a film set.

Atelier for make-up and costume: A place where the students are able to practice techniques of characterization within classes of make-up and costume design in the regular undergraduate and profissionalizing courses by Escola Superior de Artes Célia Helena (ESCH) and Teatro-Escola Célia Helena (TECH)

Computer Laboratory: Open during the institution’s working hours, the lab is at the disposal of the academic community for studying and research. There is also Wi-Fi available in each place in the school for students and visitors.

Raul Cortez Library/Study room: The Raul Cortez Library was created in 2008 with the purpose of providing a reliable source of specialized information to the academic community, external researchers and the interested public. As part of its collection, the library maintains personal belongings from the actors Célia Helena and Raul Cortez, founders of the school and recognized artists in the Brazilian scene, on stage and television.